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STANDINGS as of 8/2/2020 (Playoff teams in bold)

Pawn Stars520.714
Money Team420.666
Trouser Vipers220.5
Fizzy Bubblech220.5
Los Cervezeros340.43
Soilders of God160.14


Week 48/9/2020Pawn StarsSoldiers of God9
8/9/2020Trouser VipersFizzy Bubblech930
8/9/2020NukesTrouser Vipers10
8/9/2020Fizzy BubblechBolts1030
8/9/2020AvocadosFizzy Bubblech11
8/9/2020Los CervezerosTrouser Vipers1230
8/9/2020 NukesChalupas1
Week 58/16/2020Trouser VipersBolts9A
8/16/2020Soilders of GodChalupas930A
8/16/2020Money TeamBolts10A
8/16/2020Los CervezerosChalupas1030A
8/16/2020Money TeamFizzy Bubblech11A
8/16/2020Pawn StarsFizzy Bubblech12P
8/16/2020Trouser VipersMoney Team1230P
SCWBL Summer 2020
Five inning games.
30 Min limit.
At the 30 minute mark, next time home team bats will be last ups.
If home team is up, game is over at the end of the inning. 
Playoffs 7 innings, No limit. 
Top 6 teams make playoffs
1 & 2 seed get a bye.
3v6 & 4v5 in Wildcard round.
Scoring System
Home Runs2pt
Ball hit onto or over the roof & hit the ground
if a ball touches any netting
If a ball goes over the house or fence (has to be a fair ball)
Any ground ball that hits the wall and drops in the field of play
Any pop up that lands on the grass after a hit (non home runs).
Any line drive that touches or hits a defender and lands on the ground.
Any ball that hits a tree or branch and lands in the field of play is a FAIR ball and a point.
* Any ball stuck in a tree will be a foul ball.
Strikes and outs
Grounders that don’t reach the wall are considered foul balls.
Swing and a miss is a strike.
3rd foul ball is NOT an out. 
Pop outs are outs
Line outs are outs
Any ball that is caught before it hits the ground (off the roof as well)
6 red red solo cups will be placed at home plate in the form of a pyramid. 
If the pitch lands in one of the 6 red solo cups, the player is out regardless of the count and MUST finish (1) 12 oz canned beer of their choice.
If the pitch hits the cups that is a strike. 
If a teams pitcher is purposely aiming to hit the cups without an attempt at hitting a reasonable strike zone, the pitcher will earn a warning. If this continues, the pitcher must switch to the defender position and his teammate must come in and pitch the remainder of the game.
Last rule, HAVE FUN! 
Contact Commissioner Max Farias with any questions or recommendations
949 3963201



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